Special Issue: Economic Policy, Governance and Institutions in Times of Crisis

Special Issue: Economic Policy, Governance and Institutions in Times of Crisis

More than half a decade after the outbreak of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, the world economy is still facing serious difficulties. However different policy responses and institutional setups have shown different levels of resilience and effectiveness in coping with the adverse economic conditions to which they were exposed. Starting from this observation, this special issue of Global Policy, guest edited by Andreas Klasen and Henning Meyer, brings together leading experts and practitioners to examine ‘Economic Policy, Governance and Institutions in Times of Crisis’.

Research Articles

Henning Meyer and Andreas Klasen - What Governments Can Do to Support their Economies: The Case for a Strategic Econsystem

Martin Baur, Pierre-Alain Bruchez and Barbara Schlaffer - Institutions for Crisis Prevention: the Case of Switzerland

Christian Westerlind Wigstrom - A British Investment Bank: Why and How?

Alexander Herzog-Stein, Gustav A. Horn and Ulrike Stein - Macroeconomic Implications of the German Short-time Work Policy during the Great Recession

Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen - European Intervention Mechanisms for Growth: Budget and the European Investment Bank

Stefan Collignon - How (Not) to Reform the Euro Area's Economic Governance

Alfred Höhn, Thorsten Schramm and Thomas Straubhaar - A Model for a Fiscal Union? What Europe Can Learn from the German Experience

Simon Wren-Lewis - Macroeconomic Stabilisation in the Eurozone: Lessons from Failure

Emilios Avgouleas - Effective Governance of Global Financial Markets: an Evolutionary Plan for Reform


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