Vol 11, Issue 5, November 2020

Vol 11, Issue 5, November 2020

The November 2020 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, the impact of Brexit on UK banking, relations between the EU, Ukraine and Russia, AI governance and halting tensions in the South China Sea. There are also policy insights on a new framework for global health financing and love as an ingredient of post COVID-19 policymaking, and a response article biomedical innovations spurned by the pandemic. 

Research Articles

Fragmentation and the Future: Investigating Architectures for International AI Governance - Peter Cihon, Matthijs M. Maas and Luke Kemp

The US and EU’s Intellectual Property Initiatives in Asia: Competition, Coordination or Replication? - Jean‐Frédéric Morin and Madison Cartwright

The Differential Impact of Brexit on Banking: UK vs. Europe - Camilo J. Vázquez‐Ordás and Myriam García‐Olalla

‘One Hand Washes the Other’ in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood: What Policy Response? - Sergiu Buscaneanu and Christoph H. Stefes

When Hedging Goes Wrong: Lessons from Ukraine’s Failed Hedge of the EU and Russia - Nicholas Ross Smith

Halting and Reversing Escalation in the South China Sea: A Bargaining Framework - Siniša Vuković and Riccardo Alfieri

Corporate Role Conceptions in Global Forest Governance - Anne‐Kathrin Weber

Policy Insights

Global Common Goods for Health: Towards a New Framework for Global Financing - Agnès Soucat and Ilona Kickbusch

The Logical Case for Love as an Ingredient in Policy Formulation After COVID‐19 - Rahul Sur

Response Article

Inclusive Biomedical Innovation during the COVID‐19 Pandemic - Jaspreet Pannu

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